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  • What you'll get if you hire Valdman Law

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    Professional Experience

    I have 18+ years experience in all immigration matters


    I work quickly but professionally


    My clients have always commented how I provide important and strategic feedback & advice & service to help them navigate the immigration process


    Want to see what they've said publicly?


    Check out my Linkedin Profile under the recommendations section




    Affordable Fees


    I charge less than most lawyers for the same or better work product




    I choose to be more transparent about legal services


    I don't maintain a physical office. It's just not needed in todays' world of immigration going online (for the most part)


    I don't have assistants working with me (although I used to) > they cost $ which raises legal fees for clients


    I use technology where possible to streamline my interactions with clients, which means I can pass on the savings of efficiency to my clients


    How you ask? It's explained below at "How It Works?"


    Want to know what typical lawyer fees are on an hourly basis or for some common type of immigration files cost?


    Have a look here


    Quick Turnaround


    Turn around time is usually within 72 hours where I have complete information and documentation from clients (Monday to Friday, not including weekends or statutory holidays (Canada))

  • How It Works

    Working with Valdman Law on a Limited Retainer Basis


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    Discovery Call

    A Discovery Call is a chance for me to find out what your immigration legal issues are.

    It's a chance for me to find out if I can help you or not.

    It's a chance for YOU to find out if I'm the lawyer that you'd like to hire to help you with your immigration legal issues.

    Book through my online Calendly calendar.


    We Have Our Discovery Call

    I use Zoom for my Discovery Calls so make sure to download Zoom on your laptop or phone


    A follow up e-mail is sent with a quote for fees and a limited retainer agreement based on the facts disclosed in the discovery call

    I'll send the follow up e-mail within 72 hours of our Discovery Call + a quote for legal fees based on the facts you've disclosed in our Discovery Call.


    Retain Valdman Law on a Limited Retainer Basis

    I'm strict about my time lines for hiring me (or not) after our Discovery Call so I can help clients who are ready to move forward to solve their immigration legal issues.

    You'll have 5 days to return the signed retainer agreement and payment requirements. If not, no worries, you'll receive a non-engagement e-mail confirming you have not retained Valdman Law for any legal services.

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  • Typical Limited Retainer Flat Fees & Services at Valdman Law

    What will you pay for services you may need



    • Detailed Consultation & Assessment + E-mail summary advice (most lawyers don't do this for this amount of $)


    • Access to Information Request + Detailed Consultation/Assessment + E-mail summary advice
    • Review of Express Entry Profile
    • Affidavit/Statutory Declaration up to 5 pages
    • Legal Research Memo & Written Submissions up to 5 pages
    • Detailed review of Spousal Sponsorship Application + Written Feedback



    • Written submissions & legal research for RPD, ID, IAD, H&C, Criminal Rehabilitation, Citizenship applications, and pretty much any immigration matter up to 10 pages
    • Affidavit/Statutory Declaration up to 10 pages



    • Legal memorandum for Federal Court applications (up to 20 pages)
    • Written submissions & legal research for RPD, ID, IAD, H&C, Criminal Rehabilitation, Citizenship applications, and pretty much any immigration matter up to 20 pages
    • Affidavit/Statutory Declaration up to 20 pages

    Personalized Quote


    • Something you don't see listed here? That's ok, we can still help. Contact us for a quote

    Referral to lawyer who does not work on a limited scope retainer


    • If your case is complex or if you'd like to hire a lawyer on an ongoing basis for full representation, I have colleagues I can refer you to.
  • What are typical legal immigration fees?

    Read more about how much lawyer's typically charge for immigration legal services

    Lawyers have typically charged on a per hour basis for their work.


    Some charge flat fees.


    Either way, because you're hiring them to represent you throughout the process they make sure to charge enough to make that "worth" the time and resources it will cost them just to maintain your file at their office.


    That adds up to more fees for clients.


    Check out typical legal fees here


    It's not always necessary and for straightforward and simple cases or for people who can't afford full legal representation but could benefit from some legal advice and services, a LIMITED SCOPE RETAINER is the answer.


    That's where Valdman Law Limited Scope Retainers come in

  • Why should you trust Valdman Law with your Canadian immigration legal issues?

    Who is Silvia ?

  • Extensive Legal Experience (18 years and counting)

    I've appeared before the Federal Court and all levels of the Immigration and Refugee Board.


    I've also appeared before the Securities Intelligence Review Committee.


    If you'd like to see the cases I've worked on (that are publicly reported) have a look at CanLii's website (link below).

  • Silvia's Education, Professional Accreditation 

    & Experience

    See where I've studied, what professional organizations I'm a member of and what type of legal cases I've worked on

    University of Toronto

    2010 - 2014

    Master of Information Degree

    University of Ottawa


    Law Degree - LLB, JD

    Western University


    B.A.(Honors) - English Language & Literature

    The Security Intelligence Review Committee

    I did the case on a pro bono basis. It was a complaint by a Convention refugee from Pakistan against the Canadian Security Intelligence Service for a finding that him having been a member of a political party in Pakistan, the MQM, made him inadmissible to Canada.


    It was a complex case that took almost 2 years. I was successful on behalf of the client (most cases don't win at the SIRC).


    The case is reported in its 2007 annual report.



    You can find my reported cases on CanLii's website.


    You can search the database for my name as "Silvia Valdman" but also with "Sylvia" and "Waldman" as the Court has misspelled my name several times (and not corrected it in the reported case)

    Law Society of Ontario


    This is the professional licensing body for all lawyers in Ontario.


    You can check my membership on the link to the right >>>

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  • Prices quoted are subject to change without notice and actual prices for any services are the ones contained in a signed limited scope retainer agreement.


    All prices are in CDN if paid by e-transfer from a Canadian bank account. Otherwise prices are payable in USD if paid by Western Union transfer or Stripe or any other means mutually agreed upon.


    Valdman Law does not accept wire transfers.

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